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Places to Visit Near Ganpatipule,Ratnagiri

Top places to visit near Ganpatipule and Jambharun As a part of our  3 days trip to Jambharun ( Blog Post :Hidden Gem - Jambharun ) , we had one day planned to visit the nearby places. Among them was Ganpatipule , which is significantly known for the revered Ganpati temple on the beach.     I will list out the places to visit near Ganpatipule and Jambhrun in this post. Jambhrun is kind of a center point to all these locations, so you can start from one end and circle back to your homestay in Jambharun . 1. Lakshmi Keshav Mandir,Kolisare Keshav Lakshmi idol           This was the highlight of all the locations that we visited. It had the same vibes when we visited Keshavraj temple in Karde(Post: Keshavarja Temple|Karde|Dapoli )

Prathamesh Resort Khed Shivapur | Adventure resort near Pune

Visit To Prathamesh Resort Khed Shivapur

Prathamesh resort Pune Tent stay
Tents in Garden Area

There are many resorts near Pune for a day outing filled with adventure activities but only few are able to fulfill the expectation of a 1 day trip or stay.

Prathamesh resort Pune near Khed Shivapur is certainly amongst those few resorts. It is spread across 7.5 acres of land adjacent to river with wide variety of  stay options and various day packages.

How to Reach:

The resort is approximately 35km from Pune and one can reach either by car or bike. Once the Khed Shivapur toll plaza is crossed, we need to take service road and turn right and drive for 5km through a single lane road going through farm fields.

There are sign boards from the highway all the way to the resort.


                          Fun filled day at Prathamesh resort

Activities at Prathamesh resort Pune:

    There are activities for all range of people, starting from 2yr old to senior citizens. Few of the activities are listed below

Water Activities: 

  • Rain Dance
  • Swimming Pool
  • Water Slides

Adventure Activities: 50+ activities, few below

  • Burma Bridge
  • Ropeway
  • Zip-Line
  • Wall-climbing
  • Multiple High Rope Crossings

Indoor Games: 

  • Carrom
  • Pool
  • Foosball
  • Kid games
  • Table Tennis

Prathamesh resort Stay and One day Package : Costs and inclusions

There are separate packages available for Day and stay.

  • Prathamesh resort one Day package range starts from 1100/- to 1500/- which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, Hi-tea according to the time you reach. Timing  start from 9.30am to 6.30pm.
  • Stay packages start from 2500/- per person to 7000/- per couple. There is huge variety of rooms available which one can choose from starting from Tent house to Red stone rooms, River view Tent house to Bungalow for huge group as well. 
  • Mostly the stay package includes all the meals and almost all the activities.

    We chose a single room for 2 couples along with our 2 and 3 year old kiddos, charged at 2500/- per person including all activities and meals.

    When we visited there was a group of 40 people who had visited and they had chosen the bungalow for stay, they surely seemed to be having gala time.

    We reached in afternoon at 12.30 pm, so decided to rest for 15min and go for lunch before starting with any activity. Lunch was buffet and taste was average, considering the rush on Sunday, restaurant was well managed.

     Post lunch we went for the Rain dance and took a dip in the pool with kids to freshen them up.

Prathamesh Resort Water activities area
Water Activities area

    We had kids with us, so we took alternate turns to entertain them(Things to do for parents ๐Ÿ˜„). Me and my friend decided to do Zip line and wall climbing activities while the kids did their activities. 

    While our wives took turn to do that we took kids to their rope climbing activity section. This section has both activities for kids and adults and I would suggest this to be a must do for all.

Rope climbing for kids
Rope climbing for kids

Wall climbing for kids
Kids Activity section 
Tyre swing

High rope Low Rope crossing section
High Rope Crossways section

High rope Low Rope crossing section
High Rope Crossways section

Note : Outdoor activities start closing at 6pm.

    There is separate garden area, so even adults can bring out the kid in them and do some swings and slides ๐Ÿ˜„.

Kids Garden area
Garden area for kids

    There are few paid activities as well like ATV ride, Rocket Ejector, Trampoline, Camel ride etc.

    Apart from the outdoor activities, there are indoor activities. We felt here it would be enjoyable to have a decent size group to enjoy these activities and spend the late part of evening once it gets dark.

Random pose

Imitating Gorilla
Random Poses

    All the activities make sure you end up exhausted and hungry and the dinner served was delicious. It was buffet with mix of Indian dishes and continental dish to end with desert๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿต.

    Post 7pm in evening to 9pm, there are indoor activities to enjoy, we could only play one round of Fooseball.

    Next day, our wives did the High Rope crossing activities, that made sure it was paisa vasool moment for them ๐Ÿ˜œ.    

Tyre Burma Bridge
Tyre Burma Bridge

Prathamesh Resort Pune Review

    One thing to appreciate is the premises and all activities are well maintained. The staff also is very friendly and you would see them busy whole day  maintaining the premises.

    There is good amount of greenery and many fruit trees in the premises, you can see Mangos and Chickoos hanging on trees.

    Overall, it was great fun and worth a stay. If you are looking for 1 day resort or weekend resort near Pune for family get together with some adventure activities or friends group or team outing , Prathamesh Resort Pune is a good choice.

Pune is close to many beaches in Konkan. If you are planning a vacation with beach options, you can check out KONKAN DIARIES POST


  1. Very nice and useful blog..๐Ÿ‘Œ

  2. Very helpful blog. Thanks for sharing

  3. One of the worst experiance of life... Pathatic... Pathatic.. Pathatic..
    They share photos on whatsap and actual room conditions were opposite...
    These people are cheaters and ask full money before showing rooms... Pl do not pay before seeing rooms if you are going to stay....

    Intoercom doesn't work so if u require somthing u need to search for staff and -need to go to the booking rooms... Pathatic aftre paying 8000 per room this is the condition.... Lights doesn't work.. open electrical wires... who wants to stay there with kids...!!!!!

    Highlights of rooms.
    1. Unhyginic room
    2. Fungus on Tent all around
    3. Rats are wandering around like they paid the price..
    4. No dustbin in room
    5. No floor mats.
    7. badly maintained washrooms.
    8. wety smell in rooms and in beddings...
    9. Fungus on pillow.
    10. No room service for 8000 room.. !!!
    11. Spider and mosquetos frandly room....
    12. Swimming pool facing rooms and swimming pool is full of dust and leaves... mosquitos and frogs are resting in it.
    13. Manager is very very arrogant and when we complained about above points he says if you want to leave you can.

    We have travelled with family and kids and reached in evening... We were force to leave the place in night same day as big size Rats were in the rooms.

    When we complained, Manager came and checked and told there is no Rats as he is not able to find any... like Rats were waiting to give him Darshan and then only Rats exists else not.... This is the customer service they give... we left in night wh=ithout having food even as behaviour of Manager was so arrogant and attitude..

    Its total waste of hard earning money.... NOT place for family...

    1. Sad to hear that ๐Ÿ˜ surely it's frustrating when the hotel manager behaves in such way.

  4. Great job for publishing such a nice article. Your article isn’t only useful but it is additionally really informative. Thank you because you have been willing to share information with us.Travel Post Blog

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog and reading it. Just checked your blog, it's very engaging as well.It's great to have such publishers visiting the blog


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