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Places to Visit Near Ganpatipule,Ratnagiri

Top places to visit near Ganpatipule and Jambharun As a part of our  3 days trip to Jambharun ( Blog Post :Hidden Gem - Jambharun ) , we had one day planned to visit the nearby places. Among them was Ganpatipule , which is significantly known for the revered Ganpati temple on the beach.     I will list out the places to visit near Ganpatipule and Jambhrun in this post. Jambhrun is kind of a center point to all these locations, so you can start from one end and circle back to your homestay in Jambharun . 1. Lakshmi Keshav Mandir,Kolisare Keshav Lakshmi idol           This was the highlight of all the locations that we visited. It had the same vibes when we visited Keshavraj temple in Karde(Post: Keshavarja Temple|Karde|Dapoli )

One Day trek to Visapur fort near Pune

Visapur fort - Malavli Bored with daily routine, me and my friends wanted to take some time out and have some fun. As it was onset of monsoon, we decided to go for trekking. I had read and heard about Visapur from a lot of people, so we finalized on it.     Being 3 of us, we started from Pune on our bikes on Saturday. The distance from my place was 80km and we were going to meet one of our friend half the way. As most of the biking route is highway, it is quite easily accessible. The route is through old Pune-Mumbai highway and destination is near Malavli station. Travel options and How to Reach from Pune: By Road : Pune-Mumbai old highway to Malavli (60km from Pune) By Train : Local from Pune and drop point Malavli station(one station early to Lonavala) Visapur trek distance from Malavli station is approximately 5km.      Road till Malavli was awesome and monsoon makes it even more enjoyable. As soon as you cross Malavli railway station, the road passes over the expresswa

Weekend Destination near Pune : Mahabaleshwar

Here I am with yet another blog on my latest short and sweet weekend road trip.This time the destination was Mahabaleshwar/Pachgani , though I had been earlier to this place but I decided to pen it down this time. Mahabaleshwar/Pachgani have been favorite spots not only for people living in Pune or Mumbai but even all over the country.Most of them, who are from Pune go even for a days trip, leaving early morning and get back at night.But to be frank I think to admire the beauty of place you should at least have 1 night spent here, so you have 2 days to be spent. As usual we were gang of 4 who always are ready to travel and we had decided to trip on silent weekend rather than long weekend which attracts too much crowd and then you loose the sanctity of the place. We started early morning to avoid the highway tra
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