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Places to Visit Near Ganpatipule,Ratnagiri

Top places to visit near Ganpatipule and Jambharun As a part of our  3 days trip to Jambharun ( Blog Post :Hidden Gem - Jambharun ) , we had one day planned to visit the nearby places. Among them was Ganpatipule , which is significantly known for the revered Ganpati temple on the beach.     I will list out the places to visit near Ganpatipule and Jambhrun in this post. Jambhrun is kind of a center point to all these locations, so you can start from one end and circle back to your homestay in Jambharun . 1. Lakshmi Keshav Mandir,Kolisare Keshav Lakshmi idol           This was the highlight of all the locations that we visited. It had the same vibes when we visited Keshavraj temple in Karde(Post: Keshavarja Temple|Karde|Dapoli )

Star gazing at Bhandardara near Mumbai

Camping at Bhandardara    Its such rare occasion to see shooting stars in city, but what if you could see them all night long.Yes this is place to be in, vicinity of Bhandardara dam.A place close to  Nashik(around 60km) and 70km from Kasara railway station.  We had decided to go for camping to this site on our first anniversary, a bit surprising isn't it? Well we wanted to go for short and best trip possible to experience silence under the open sky and what better place could it be than one of the most visited site by sky watchers. There are many camping groups who have facilities to this site, so we decided to go with one such group.We started off from Pune to Mumbai to go along with the group from there onward.One would need to catch Kasara local from there on else they can directly reach from Pune to the site which is much easier.From Kasara station there are several taxis waiting for you to take to dam vic

3 Days Trip to Ooty | Dodabetta Peak | Tea plantations

There are few locations in India which are meant for newly wed couples and Ooty is surely one of them.I was a bit skeptical about this earlier but after surfing the hotel arrangements and tourist places, it came to me that maybe for a short honeymoon this should be worth it.Having done train booking from Belgaum to Mysore, we had to further take bus from there to our destination. Day1 We reached Mysore early morning at 4:00am and our bus was scheduled at 6 am, so had to spend 2 hours at Mysore KSRTC bus stand.So not sure what to do 2 hours we spent walking around the stand sitting most of time, checking each bus if it was for Ooty.Finally our bus had arrived and fortunately because of advance booking

Memorable trip to Tarkarli

Tarkarli Beach - A serene beach destination This was a trip that we had been planning for long time.We had all hotel booking done prior in Visava Beach Resort,Tarkarli . We had planned this trip because it was said Tarkarli is one of the cleanest and best beach in Maharashtra and India. Also another important reason was Scuba diving, this is the only place where we can do this. We were so excited for this trip that we had all the bookings done 3 months prior. Day 1: So we started on Saturday from Pune early morning by car as this was to be my first all solo driving for such a long distance(approx 420km one way).  We chose Kolhapur-Gaganbawda route while going.The road till Gaganbawda was very good(reached at 12 took some rest, pics) and we were probable thinking why people dont choose this route,  which is when the worst route started 😜. The roads in Gaganbawda Ghat were i
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