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Places to Visit Near Ganpatipule,Ratnagiri

Top places to visit near Ganpatipule and Jambharun As a part of our  3 days trip to Jambharun ( Blog Post :Hidden Gem - Jambharun ) , we had one day planned to visit the nearby places. Among them was Ganpatipule , which is significantly known for the revered Ganpati temple on the beach.     I will list out the places to visit near Ganpatipule and Jambhrun in this post. Jambhrun is kind of a center point to all these locations, so you can start from one end and circle back to your homestay in Jambharun . 1. Lakshmi Keshav Mandir,Kolisare Keshav Lakshmi idol           This was the highlight of all the locations that we visited. It had the same vibes when we visited Keshavraj temple in Karde(Post: Keshavarja Temple|Karde|Dapoli )
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Exploring the Hidden Gem - Jambhrun

Imagine waking up to sounds of whistling birds, water gushing through big rocks creating sound of drums and a feeling of oneness with nature. That is what you feel here in Jambhrun . Gappa, Goshti, Trails ani Barach Kahi... Jambhrun           It was a place we have been wanting to visit since a year, waiting for the rainy season to end.  Nestled in the heart of untouched beauty, our recent trip to Jambhrun was nothing short of enchanting.            It's a small village just 20kms away from Ratnagiri city. Jambhrun is located right next to a natural water source stream flowing through the valley surrounded by lush green forest. It's a perfect escape from the hustle bustle of city. How to reach Jambhrun from Pune:           We started from Ravet this time, a

Tuljabhavani Devi and Shivaji Maharaj

Tulja Bhavani Devi , Tuljapur            The ecology of Maharashtra comes alive during rainy season, be it hilly region or the plain lands everything just springs up green all around. Another such gift that this state has got is the locations of the important temples, most of them have tourist attractions around or just the journey is so satisfying.             All our recent short trips have been quite religious and all of them were spontaneous ones. We visited Bhimashankar , Ramdara Temple ,  Swaminarayan Temple and now visited 2 Shaktipeeth amongst three and half shaktipeeth present in Maharashtra -  Tuljabhavani Devi, Tuljapur  Mahalakshmi Devi,Kolhapur             We covered them on separate occasion so I will cover Tuljapur temple details in this post and come up with a separate post for Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple.   Tuljapur Yagna Mandap

B.A.P.S Shri Swaminarayan Mandir - Pune

  Like I promised in Ramdara Temple  post, here comes a detailed  description of Pune's most beautiful temple Shri Swaminarayan Temple Quote by Shri Swaminarayan:  "Visit the temple of deities as much as possible, to get the divine energy."  SwamiNarayan Mandir Wrong Turn          It was a impromptu plan, we wanted to go somewhere nearby but outside Pune.       The actual plan was to visit a temple which is located on top of Katraj hill which was Jain temple and we thought it was same Swaminarayan temple.      We had put Swaminarayan temple on map and on reaching the destination we were like, is it same temple we wanted to go.So, we actually ended up reaching different temple but certainly not disappointed. Things to know about
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